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Gloves in a Bottle
Gloves in a Bottle

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Gloves In A Bottle will become your go to hand protection when working with different creative media including metals clays and mosaic grouts!
  • Bonds with the outer layer of skin cells forming an invisible glove.
  • Protects against dryness, irritations and absorption of toxins
  • Locks in moisture and oils to allow dry/cracked skin to heal
  • Does not wash off - remains effective for hours even washing between jobs
  • Comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells
PAM EAST IS A FAN! I love working with copper clay. What I DON’T love is how it turns my hands black and green. It can be especially hard to remove from under fingernails and around cuticles. Fortunately, I found Gloves in a Bottle. I’ve been using it for years now and it works like a charm! I just apply it liberally before starting to work with my copper clay, and after I’m done all the copper and discoloration washes off easily. No more discolored hands and nails! I recommend this product highly! - Pam East

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Gloves In A Bottle

What is it?

It bonds with the outer layer of skin cells and dries onto the skin to work like an invisible, undetectable glove. That means no greasiness, no smell, no fingermarks or residue. Once dry, it is virtually undetectable.

It protects from any elements that cause dryness or irritations and it prevents the absorption of toxins. At the same time it locks in moisture and oils to allow dry / cracked skin to heal.

It doesn't wash off so it remains effective for several hours. You can wash your hands between jobs and you don't need to reapply it.

It is used in multiple industries to reduce the damaging effects to the skin from use of various materials and solvents including acids, corrosives, paints, wood-stains, fine wood dust, concrete, oils, solvents, construction or art materials, clay, repetitive hand washing, sanitizers and prolonged contact with water.

When you apply it to the hands before you start working, rub it between the fingers, paying attention to knuckles, nails and cuticles – then any stains, paint, oils, and other dirt and grime will wash right off.

It is also used by people who are working outdoors and exposed to the elements/cold weather to keep the skin healthy and in various industries where people are doing repetitive work or are occupationally in contact with materials that can cause dryness, irritation, allergic reactions or dermatitis.

Testimonials from people within Metal Clay Supply Field

“If the skin on your hands is extremely dry, as mine are, it will suck up moisture from any metal clay, whether base metal or precious metal. Either apply extra olive oil to your hands or, if you prefer, apply a thin layer of skin shielding lotion or protective balm, such as Gloves in a Bottle or Slik, to your hands and nails before coating them with olive oil. Gloves in a Bottle is available from some metal clay suppliers and also some drug stores”

“One difference between BRONZ/COPPRclay and silver clay, is that the base metal clay can really stain your nails and skin. Gloves in a Bottle is a great way of avoiding this. Apply a small amount before you start working, especially under your nails, and your skin will be as if covered by a invisible (and un-feelable) glove! Re-apply every four hours. Gloves in a Bottle is also fantastic if you suffer from dry sensitive skin, eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis. It acts as a shielding lotion, so keeps "bad things" out, and good things (like moisture) in - perfect when gardening. It is unscented, non-greasy, non-sticky, and super-light so you wont feel it on your skin.”

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