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Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 101oz (3L)
Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 101oz (3L)

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Non-Toxic, Dries Clear, Remains Flexible!
Bond Metal, Glass, Wood, Ceramic, Cement, Fabric & More!
Can you used as a glue, sealer, bonding agent or primer!

Weldbond is non-toxic, non-flammable, free of fumes, has low VOCs, dries clear, cleans up with water, is created without animal by-products and environmentally friendly! This is a superior alternative to tile mastic. It is offered in bottles featuring non-clogging nozzles for easy dispensing and application.

Weldbond® Universal Adhesive can be used in various applications as a glue, bonding agent, sealer or primer. It’s high solids content means that it can be easily diluted and therefore becomes a very economical alternative to traditional products used for very specific application.

Weldbond® carries the EcoLogo™ seal of approval – certifying that it is created without the use of formaldehyde, toxic metals or excessive VOCs. Made in North America!
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Weldbond® Universal Adhesive truly Bonds Most Anything!


Weldbond ® is a non-toxic formula

3rd Party Environmental Certification by Ecologo®

Weldbond ® has been 3rd party certified by Ecologo to be environmentally safe (CCD 046 – General Adhesives).

Dries to a clear, flexible bond

Weldbond ® will dry clear and flexible and is therefore ideal for use with woods and fabrics as no glue lines will show and the glue will bend with movement. It is non-staining and will not become brittle with age.

Can be used as a glue, sealer, bonding agent or primer

Weldbond ® has various applications and can be used straight from the bottle as a glue or bonding agent or can be diluted and used as a sealer or primer.

Water clean up

Weldbond ® is water soluble and can be cleaned up with water within 20 minutes of application if drips appear. Get a warm, wet cloth and apply to the area to remove drips. Weldbond does become water resistant but not waterproof.

No heavy clamping required

Weldbond ® will create a solid bond as it cures and requires no heavy clamping while drying.

Can be painted over when cured

Weldbond ® dries clear and can be painted over making it perfects for repairs and craft projects as you will not see the glue lines.

Can be diluted and used a primer for drywall and other surfaces

Weldbond ® can be diluted and used as a primer for bare drywall or other porous surfaces. Using Weldbond® helps to seal the drywall and ensure that the paint is not absorbed into the drywall but rather sits on top for a beautiful finish (any type of paint can be applied overtop of Weldbond). Saves money and time.

No Animal by products

Weldbond ® is not tested on animals and is not created with any animal by-products.

Made in North America

Weldbond ® is manufactured in North America.


Weldbond ® is weatherproof and can therefore be used for outdoor projects. However because Weldbond® is not waterproof avoid using Weldbond® where standing water collects as it will cause Weldbond® to freeze.


1. In what sizes is Weldbond® available?

Weldbond ® is available in numerous sizes for various applications and project needs. Bottles: 2oz/60 ml, 4 oz/114 ml, 8oz/227 ml, 12oz/341 ml, 21oz/600 ml, 64oz/1/2 gallon/1.82 litres, 128 oz./ 1 gallon Tubes: 1oz/30 ml, 5oz/150 ml, 9oz/275 ml

2. Can I keep my Weldbond® bottle outside in the garage? Will it freeze?

Weldbond ® should be protected from the cold as it will freeze. Once frozen, this product loses all adhesive capabilities. It should be stored above 50°F/ 10°C at all times. Also, after container has been opened, ensure it is closed tightly after each use.

3. How long is my Weldbond® bottle good for?

Weldbond ® typically has a shelf life of 5 years. If the product is starting to solidify, it can be restored by adding just a little bit of water. We then advise the consumer to shake like crazy prior to every use until the container is depleted.

4. Is Weldbond® non-toxic?

Weldbond ® has been tested to be non-toxic. Weldbond® conforms to ASTM D4236.

5. How can I access the Weldbond® MSDS?

You can access the Weldbond ® MSDS via the Weldbond® website, click here.

You can also send us an email to info@franktross.com requesting the document and we will forward you an electronic copy.

6. Is Weldbond® tested on animals or created with any animal by-products?

Weldbond ® is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal by-products. This product is Vegan Friendly.

7. What does the EcoLogo™ stand for?

EcoLogo™ certifies that Weldbond ® has been tested for environmental safety and performance under CCD 046 – General Adhesives. EcoLogo™ is a 3rd party certification seal that certifies products based on strict standards. To read more about EcoLogo™, click here.

8. What is meant by porous and non porous surfaces? How can I tell which is which?

A porous surface means that the material is full of tiny holes that allow fluids or gases to pass through, non porous surfaces do not allow anything to pass through.

Porous surfaces must be sealed with 1 part Weldbond ® to 5 parts water. Porous surfaces can be determined by dropping a small amount of water on surface. If water is readily absorbed, surface is porous. If water beads on the surface, it is non porous.

NOTE: The sealing mixture of 1 Weldbond® to 5 water should not be used where water alone would have an adverse effect, i.e. on water soluble fillers.

9. Are there any materials that Weldbond® can’t glue?

Some types of plastic, rubber and cast metals will not produce a bond with Weldbond ® , i.e. polyethylene, unbacked vinyl, P.V.C., Teflon®, polypropylene, vinyl to vinyl, cast iron, cast aluminum. Weldbond® is not intended for marine applications. It is not recommended for use on exposed exterior surfaces. Garage interiors are acceptable.

NOTE: Do not use when bonding containers designed for use with, or subject to, hot liquids.

10. How do I remove Weldbond® from my clothes, carpet, curtains or anything else?

Weldbond ® is a water based glue therefore if the stain/spill is recent we recommend using cold water, not hot water. However once the glue has set it is very difficult to remove therefore be sure not to wear your favourite clothes while using Weldbond ®, just in case!

11.How do I dissolve Weldbond®?

Weldbond ® can quickly be dissolved with acetone. Because Weldbond® is water based it can also be dissolved with a soaking of, or submersion in water. This will dissolve a bond.

12. Can Weldbond® be tinted?

We have many craft users that tint Weldbond ® with a wide variety of creative methods, including tea, paint, nail polish and other creative methods. We always recommend the consumer to test this creation on a small piece prior to proceeding with the full project. Some compounds utilized for tinting could have an adverse impact on the makeup of the Weldbond ®.

13. What kind of paint will seal Weldbond®

We recommend Latex and Acrylic paints for the best results.

14. Can Weldbond® be utilized on external applications?

Weldbond ® can be used on external applications as it is weatherproof. However, Weldbond® is not waterproof, it is water resistant. Weldbond® should only be used on external applications if it is free of standing water that could cause it to freeze or if it is being used on a vertical surface where water cannot pool on top.

15. Can Weldbond® be utilized on marine applications?

Weldbond ® is not intended for marine applications. It is not recommended for use on exposed exterior surfaces.

16. My Weldbond® project bond has not dried clear.

a. Why not?

Most like too much adhesive was used. Another possibility could be that if you are gluing a large surface, air cannot get to the Weldbond ® in the middle of the bond. We do suggest that if you are gluing large pieces, you apply the adhesive to the exterior rim and not the centre as a proper bond might not take place.

b. What can I do about it?

Apply heat. If weather conditions permit, set the project in the sun. For large glass surfaces, glue the edges, but stay away from large amounts of glue through the middle of the surface. Weldbond ® air cures.

17. Does Weldbond® release any fumes?

Weldbond ® does not release any fumes no matter if it is in liquid or solid state.

18. What is the set-up time?

The set up time for tackiness will vary with humidity, but is roughly five minutes for most projects. It will be somewhat longer in humid conditions.

19. What is the cure time?

Weldbond ® becomes tacky quickly and will dry within the hour on porous surfaces. Provides a strong bond within 24 hours and tremendous strength within a few days. The sealing mixture of 5 parts water to 1 part concentrated Weldbond ® dries in approximately 1 hour.

For more information regarding specific gluing jobs, please check the Weldbond ® Application Uses section.

20. What are the physical characteristics of Weldbond®?

Solid Content 51 – 53 %
Viscosity 10,500 – 12,000 CPS
PH 4.5 – 5.5
Particle Size Medium, Average 1.5u
Particle Charge Nonionic
Specific Gravity 1.095
Residual Monomer 0.5% Maximum
Odour Slight, Characteristic
Colour Wet White
Colour Dry Clear
Flexibility Flexible
Water Resistance Good
Appearance Slightly Hazy
U.V. Resistance Very Good
G.T. (Glass Transitional) Spec is 5+

21. Is this a PVA adhesive or a PVC adhesive?

Weldbond ® is a PVA adhesive . (Poly Vinyl Acetate based adhesive)

22. Is there any formaldehyde preservative in this adhesive?

Weldbond ® does not contain any formaldehyde preservative. The EcoLogo™ certification states that Weldbond® has been created without: latex, aromatic or halogenated solvents, formaldehyde, toxic metals, including but not limited to cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, and mercury, or their compounds

23. Is there any phthalates in this product?

Weldbond ® is created without the use of phthalates and is therefore free of phthalates.

24. What is the VOC content of this product?

Weldbond ® does not contain more than 1% VOCs by weight. This technical fact is approved and certified by EcoLogo™.

Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 2oz (60ml) Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 101oz (3L) Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 14.2oz (420ml) Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 5.4oz (160ml)
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Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 2oz (60ml) Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 101oz (3L) Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 14.2oz (420ml) Weldbond Universal Adhesive - 5.4oz (160ml)

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