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Goldie Clay - Copper
Goldie Clay - Copper

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Goldie Copper™ is a very pure copper clay. The powder contains 99,9% of pure dendrite copper. After firing and removing the patina created in the firing process the metal is very light and has a beautiful color. Goldie Copper™ is an environmentally friendly product. The binders are organic and non toxic. Goldie Copper™ shrinks by about 14-20% (old formula 12%-18%) on firing, depending on the shape and the size of the piece. Dried clay can be ground up to a powder and reconstituted. Goldie Copper™ is simple and economical to use.

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Click here to download the Goldie Clay Instruction Manual

Goldie Clay Tips by Joy Funnell

Always mix the powder up really well in the tub before you start each time to ensure the binder is well distributed.

Let the clay rest for 30 minutes or so after mixing before you start to use it. This makes it much more workable.

Goldie clays do not stick to your hands when at the correct consistency, and they stays workable for a long time. Baby wipes work well for cleaning up edges and refining Goldie clays.

If the clay starts to feel a bit dry while you are working add some more water to it and then reroll it well before continuing. Rolling out the clay distributes the water evenly through it and makes it lovely and smooth to work with.

Keep unused mixed up clay in an airtight tub - no need to refrigerate.

When making larger pieces in Goldie clays consider increasing the binder burn out time and the second phase firing time.

Always make a few test pieces first and work out the best firing time for you as kilns can vary.

Cindy Pankopf's Notes on Goldie Copper Clay

  • Very fine texture and easy to mix
  • Excellent body as clay (it’s best feature)
  • Clay drapes very well
  • Sturdy as greenware
  • Easy to drill greenware
  • The easiest of all varieties for carving, very smooth with nice detail
  • Carbon stuck to fired piece, pitted finish
  • Nice bright copper color after firing
  • 90 degree bend after firing, no sign of cracking/breaking

A word from the "Man Behind The Scene"

Welcome to the world of Goldie Metal™. We are the first company in Poland that has developed and patented a unique method of metal powders production. Metal Clay products have been gaining popularity all over the world lately. We are proud to announce that our current collection includes bronze powders in several colors and copper. We are planning to add several other kinds of metals in many colors, including silver and gold.

We invite you to go on a wonderful adventure with our clays that give the artist huge possibilities of creation, the freedom of expression and certainty and repeatability of the parameters of the material they are working with.

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