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Accent Silver
Accent Silver

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Accent Silver™ mixes to become a silver alloy slip that is used to apply fine silver embellishments to bronze, copper and brass objects. It is mixed and applied in two coats then fired to permanently bond Accent Silver™ to the host object. After firing, the silver is refined and finished as any silver would be. The process is straight forward and detailed instructions are included. You can also download the instructions HERE.

NOTE: You WILL need to fire in activated carbon.

You can fire Accent Silver™ in the low-cost SpeedFire® ElectricMini™ 1600 & 1800 Kilns. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to do so...
Available in two convenient sizes: 5g or 10g

NOTE: You WILL need a steel firing vessel and activated carbon.

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54243-10 Accent Silver - 10 gram
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Here is a simplified version of the process - we provide complete detailed instructions.
  1. Stir Accent Silver™ powder and break up any small lumps using a small spatula.
  2. Dip a Flat Brush in distilled water getting it damp and soaked, but not dripping.
  3. Touch the brush tip into the Accent Silver™ vial and pick up a small ball on the tip.
  4. On a non-porous surface pat the ball so it absorbs the moisture from the brush.
  5. Create a smooth and creamy consistency, but not too thin.
  6. Brush a thin coat onto the desired areas using the Flat Brush or the Fine Point brush for more detail.
  7. Allow to completely dry at room temperature. Moving air can be used, but not heated air.
  8. Brush on a second slightly thicker coat onto the first coat and allow to completely dry.
  9. Bury the piece in coconut carbon in an appropriate firing vessel.
  10. Find your target firing time and temperature in the supplied detailed instructions.
  11. Raise kiln temperature to the target then place the Firing Tin in the kiln.
  12. Fire for the indicated time then remove the Firing Tin and allow it to cool.
  13. Firing times and temperatures are calibrated to the Firing Tin we supply.
  14. Using a stainless steel brush, remove the firing residue to reveal the dull silver color.
  15. Use a stainless steel scratch brush to burnish the silver.


This is NOT a detailed set of instructions and is only provided so that you can know the process is straight forward and easy to accomplish. An excellent set of instructions come with all purchases of Accent Silver™.

At this time Metal Clay Supply provides Accent Silver, the Firing Tin with charcoal, excellent application brushes and detailed instructions. While we believe that a kit will be forthcoming very soon, we think that most metal clay artisans already possess the additional tools necessary to be successful with Accent Silver.

Gold - Accent Gold for Silver (1 gram) - AGS2 Scratch Brush-Steel
Our Price: $79.95

Our Price: $7.50

Gold - Accent Gold for Silver (1 gram) - AGS2 Scratch Brush-Steel

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