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PMC Flex Clay
PMC Flex Clay

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PMC Flex (Fine Silver) Clay
brings the longest working time of any of the current silver clays. Here are a few quick highlights...

  • What it is: Fine silver clay.
  • What's it like: Short answer - PMC3. Same firing schedule, density, strength.
  • Firing details: 10, 20 or 30 minutes in air; no carbon required.
  • Compatibility: Flex can be combined with all other types of fine silver clay.
  • What will it cost: Right on par with PMC3
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55810 PMC Flex - 5g
55809 PMC Flex - 15g
55808 PMC Flex - 30g - 1 Pack
55808-3 PMC Flex - 30g - 3 pack
55807 PMC Flex - 60g - 1 Pack
55807-3 PMC Flex - 60g - 3 pack
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Additional Information:
Thank you to Tim McCreight and other contributors of "The Metal Clay Notebook!"

When metal clay first appeared on the scene, things were pretty simple. Then as the field evolved, there were more brands, new products, improvements and variations. Artists had choices that broadened the range of what could be done and what equipment could be used. These developments made the world of metal clay richer, more fulfilling, and, let's b
e honest... a little confusing.

We're here to help, in this case by providing information about the latest metal clay to arrive on the scene. Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation has just announced a new product called PMC Flex ™. Two years in development, this new clay brings the longest working time of any of the current silver clays.

PMC Flex™, as the name implies, has been developed to remain flexible after the package has been opened. We all know that most metal clays have a relatively short working time. Depending on the ambient heat and humidity, clay can dry out in a matter of minutes. PMC Flex™ will remain pliable not only for hours, not only for days, but for weeks. You can roll out a long rod, set it aside for a month, then pick it up and tie it in a knot.

PMC Flex™ offers two kinds of workability. Out of the package it behaves like other silver clays. It can be rolled, pressed in molds, textured and so on. Set aside, it will retain the form it is given, but that form will
remain flexible. Here is an example: If you roll out a strip and give it a texture, a week later, that strip can be formed into a ring and the ends sealed together. The clay can't be wadded back into the original lump and start over completely, but PMC Flex™ can be rehydrated by reducing it to small bits and mixing with water.

A spokesman for Mitsubishi says that this material will be especially beneficial to beginners and those who teach beginners, where a common problem is clay drying out before they can finish their project. It is also noted that artists can make multiple elements in advance then assemble them, including bending and twisting, weeks after the original parts were made.

Reviewers' Notes:

As you might guess, the response of reviewers was related to their level of comfort with dry clay. Some reviewers really enjoyed the longer working time of PMC Flex™ because it allowed them to modify designs days after starting a project. Those reviewers describe projects in which they want the clay to mimic ribbons, fabric, rope and other sinuous materials.

Other artists we talked to note that while increased flexibility is great in the early stages of a project, there comes a time when they want the clay to be firm for drilling and sanding. PMC Flex™ can be made firm by drying at 300ºF (150ºC) for about 20 minutes. In this way, according to the manufacturer, you get the best of both worlds. Flexibility when you need it and rigidness when you're ready for it.

Like other silver clays, Flex can be fired to 1650ºF (900ºC) for maximum strength.

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Absolutely love it! February 28, 2016
Reviewer: Jenifer B from Clinton, MS United States  
Brilliant!  I don't always get to finish a project all at one time. But the PMC Flex gives me the ability to come back to my work  at a later time and finish it without it being to brittle and dry to work with.

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PMC Flex April 26, 2015
Reviewer: Elizabeth Smith from Lumberton, NC United States  
LOVE, love, love this clay!!!  The working time is great, but the best part is the clarity of textures added!  For some reason, this clay seems to "take" the stamps from texture plates better than regular PMC.  The lines are cleaner and have more definition.  I would recommend this clay to anyone!

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  15 of 15 people found the following review helpful:
PMC Flex Clay December 19, 2014
Reviewer: Kim Frayer from Crested Butte, CO United States  
Made my first piece with PMC Flex.  Biggest difference between Flex and PMC 3 is shrinkage.  Flex clay shrinks more than 10-12%.  Not a lot more, but my shrink ruler didn't work and my finished piece was smaller than I wanted it to be.  Otherwise, great product.

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